Perfect plants to flavour your Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Ideal for seasoning stews or enhancing aromas in dishes, both raw and cooked. Here you can find everything you need and of the highest quality.

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Fresh herbs

Family Fruit have a great catalogue of online fresh herbs, herbs of the highest quality which retain their antioxidant properties, their flavour, scent and aroma, adding a special hint to our home-made meals.  Our regular gourmet shoppers and chefs will be thrilled with our fresh herb selection, eager to boost the quality of those already delicious meals that they prepare with such eagerness.  High quality fresh produce is what we always supply for our consumers. 

Fresh herbs are a must-have when preparing your own home-made Mediterranean recipes.  Rely on us here at Family Fruit, where we can track down the best possible quality herbs, and deliver it right to your doorstep.  Our online fresh herb delivery service is designed in such an easy way that you will have no trouble browsing through the web; intuition is the key.

Benefits of adding fresh herbs to your cuisine.

All fresh herbs possess stimulating properties that have an effect on our appetite.  They also aide in the smooth running of the digestive system and they exhibit antimicrobial activity.  These are only a few of the advantages of using fresh herbs in your meals, not to mention the mouth-watering flavour and aroma.  We strongly recommend you give them a try; we can have the best quality herbs on the island delivered directly to your kitchen worktop.