The tastiest and most delicious fruits collected on our island. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the tastiest, freshest and highest quality on the market so that you can receive the best for your dishes and desserts in your home or workplace.

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Fruit delivered to your home.

Our star product, together with our fresh veg, are the success of our business.  The fruit is picked at its prime, just when its ripened, so it has the most delicious flavour.  We offer a large range of possibilities when it comes to finding your favourite fruit and relishing in its distinctive taste, unique to Mallorca.  Selling fruit with a home delivery service in Mallorca is essential in order to reach out to all edges of the island.  Wherever you are, our delivery service can guarantee the arrival of any magnificent product straight to your doorstep.  Our daily delivery service makes it possible for you to get your hands on that tasty piece of fruit that will surely be the key to your perfect dessert. 

The top quality of both our produce and our customer service are what makes Family Fruit one of the leading grocery stores in Mallorca.  Our establishment has a commitment to all customers who have trusted in us; we are obliged to deliver them only the best and freshest fruit.

What we aim for with our website is to give the customer totally different experience to that of our competitors; an online fruit delivery service with a maximum level of security so our customers can trust in us 100% as an enterprise.  By grouping together these two aspects we will get the perfect shopping experience.

Encouraging a balanced diet with a fruit and vegetable home delivery service

Another benefit of our home delivery service is the promotion of a suitable balanced diet, in which fruit play the most important role in the equation due to the enormous and necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals they contribute to our well-being and bodily functions.  The biggest incentive to using our home delivery service is that Family Fruit provides the tastiest fruit on the island, so you’ll be giving your body the healthy ingredients it needs, whilst at the same time enjoying our exquisite produce.  The finest seasonal fruit with just a click of a button.

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