Any quality product that you may need to make your dishes can be found in our online store. We take care of taking it to your door.

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Family Fruit tries to cover all your food needs, that’s why we offer a wide variety of products that can be the star of your pantry. We have a list of top quality products at your fingertips, such as oils, sausages, pickles, pastas and more, as examples of what can be provided in your trusted online food pantry. The entire assortment of the online food pantry is delivered by one of the most consistent and professional home delivery services in Mallorca, and with almost unlimited availability. 

High-quality online pantry. 

All of the products are produced either internally, on the island itself, such as biscuits, sausages, etc., or produced in the national environment, such as the Cecco pasta products that we offer. But everything coincides in a top quality product as we have always done in Family Fruit, betting on the quality of the items displayed on the web. 

Variety of superior quality products.

The online food pantry service is the most varied of the site, divided into sections to distinguish perfectly the diversity of products it contains and therefore, streamline and facilitate navigation through this section, this part of the website is focused on providing the greatest possible convenience to the customer, like the rest of the page, specifically geared towards a wonderful shopping experience for the customer, an element as important as the quality of our product. Together they result in the best food service in Mallorca.

We are confident that you will not be disappointed!

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